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Toothy is one of the main characters in Happy Tree Friends Adventures series.

Character bioEdit

A light purple/mauve beaver with very large, gapped teeth (from which his name is derived), which appears to be diastema and freckles. He is generally a very friendly character who likes to play around now and then, particularly with the younger characters.

He can be used in wide range of situations, unlike most of the other characters whose personality defines how they might act in a given situation. He mostly acts before he thinks. He is not generally considered addle-brained, even though there have been instances where he's acted rather oddly in certain situations. Also, Toothy is known to cry when he gets hurt. Toothy is the most undeveloped character and needs more of a personality.

Toothy plays an important part of the team by making good plans. He's great at swimming. However, he can easily cry every time he's wounded.


  • Toothy had a tail enlargement surgery and is wanted for impersonating a dentist in seven states, and was last seen in Ohio.
  • Toothy loves watching monster movies.
  • Toothy has an allergy to bee stings.
  • Toothy's buckteeth are normally longer than the buckteeth of other characters.
  • Toothy is one of the main characters who doesn't normally wear any clothes/accessories of any kind.
  • In HTFA series, he moves slow, but he swims underwater fast.
  • As shown by his sprite in HTFA 5, he has normal buckteeth like most other tree friends.
  • In HTFA 1 and 5, his color is a lot more purple than usual.


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