Tiger General's Fortress is one of the two fortresses the tree friends have to infiltrate in HTFA 6.


Tiger General's Fortress is mostly blue just like his color scheme. It even has the Tiger Army symbol on one of its corners. The fortress is located at a snowy region.

The fortress is equipped with a few turrets, but none of them are used at all. Instead, its protection relies on several robots and machineries stationed on the inside.

The inside of the fortress is divided into several chambers. The first major one, near the entrance, is guarded by various minions, either Koopa Troop or machineries. That chamber's main defense is a Tank CSII, which shoots fireballs. The second major chamber is located on the eastern side of the fortress. It's filled with toxic waste that is somehow safe to swim in. Tako Trash is the boss in that section. The fortress's rightmost back tower houses the Big Pets, while the front tower is guarded by a Wily Press (whose user is unknown). Tiger General, meanwhile, waits for his enemies inside the tallest central tower.


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