Petunia in the level.

This is a hidden level in HTFA 2.


The level features only a boss room consisting of two small static platforms and a dynamic one that moves up and down. Flippy himself stands on the rightmost platform. He's accompanied by an enemy on the ground, which can be easily dispatched. On the leftmost platform, there are two health items. The level's background has a large photo of a flipped out Flippy, whose eyes glow as the battle goes on.

Flippy attacks by shooting flame shots from his gun, which can be problematic if you're on the ground but can be easily dodged if you're on the upper platform. To defeat him, one has to shoot him enough times.


  • This level can only be accessed via a hidden level selection screen. This is so far the only level that can be accessed this way.
  • Flippy's sprite is taken from a HTF arcade game called Flippy Attack.
  • Defeating Flippy will earn you additional 20 lives.