Cuddles at the level.

This is a level from HTFA 5.


Located deep in the darker side of Dream Kingdom, this boss level consists of two sections, a path leading to Wart's castle and the boss room containing Wart himself. The former path has an extra life nearby your starting point, as well as gems that can be picked up. Cobrats roam through the path and there are statues of Wart that can be seen as you go.

The second part takes place inside the castle. There, you'll meet Wart, the ruler of Dream Kingdom. After you trigger a short introduction from Wart himself, the boss battle begins. Wart's boss room consists of a flat ground, a red platform on the left side that moves up and down, and a floating platform on the right where Wart stands on. Under the large platform, four Heart items can be picked up for health recovery. During the battle, Wart attacks by shooting bubbles while moving left and right on the large platform.

To defeat him, you simply have to hit Wart enough times.


  • If you want to attack Wart without taking damage from his attacks, you can simply jump behind him and shoot his back. Seeing that Wart cannot attack backwards, this pretty much guarantees a win as long as you keep shooting him.
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