Petunia facing against Buirun.

This is a level from HTFA 5.


The fifth boss level in HTFA 5. The level takes place deep inside the icy pyramid in Ice Kingdom. The ruler of this kingdom is Buirun, who you must fight before you proceed even further.

The boss room's layout consists of solid ground and several block bridges. However, the ground and the blocks are slippery, so Nutty is best used for this level. Speaking of blocks, there are two floating blocks as platforms to make you easier to reach Buirun, who spends most of his time on air. There are four Heart items for health recovery. Much like the previous boss level, two of them are located on the left side of the level, while the other two are on the right side. As for Buirun, his basic movement consists of floating on the right side of the stage for his starting position, then flies to the left side and goes offscreen. After that, he flies through the ground to the right side. After flying to the left again and going offscreen the second time, he shows up from above before moving back to his starting position. Aside from causing colision damage, Buirun can attack by shooting flame. Just like the previous two bosses, the flame's range isn't too long.

To defeat him, you simply have to shoot him enough times.