Cuddles facing against The Red Dragon.

This is a level from HTFA 5.


The third boss level in HTFA 5. The level takes place deep inside Desert Kingdom, right when the sun has set. The boss in this kingdom is a huge red dragon that, like several other bosses in this game, shoots flame.

The boss room's layout consists of a flat ground with four floating blocks as platforms. As The Red Dragon moves from one side to the other, you have to jump on those blocks to move to the other side, unless you're Flaky, at that case she can simply jump over the boss. There are two Heart items, one on the left side and one on the right side. While moving from side to side, The Red Dragon can breathe fire that is always aimed at your character, aside from damaging the tree friends via collision damage. However, despite the flame's rather short range, the level's size is a bit cramped and you'll be likely to take damage from the flames even if you try to jump on the floating blocks.

To defeat it, you simply have to shoot it enough times. Defeating The Red Dragon grants you access to the next kingdom, Jungle Kingdom.