Starting from HTFA 6, the playable characters can now use special powers. Unlike the regular attack, some of the powers have additional effects, and so far only one special power isn't damaging by itself (Flaky's High Jump). Even though in HTFA 6 the characters will get the special powers after accessing a certain event, most of the games after that show the characters already having those powers.


Picture Name Description Variations Usable by Appears in
Carrot Drill Throws a piercing carrot at enemies. This power can also be used to break certain walls. None Cuddles
Kiss of Death Blows a red heart at an enemy. None Giggles
Tear Pump Shoots a small blast of water. The attack can even pass through walls.
  • Laser Gun
  • Fireball Shoot
Spray of Death Sprays a strong-scented perfume gas that can knock out multiple enemies due to its larger hitbox. The attack can also pass through walls. None Petunia
Spin Dash The user curls, then rolls at high speed to attack enemies. None Flaky
Frozen Chocolate Wall Fires a piece of chocolate that freezes an enemy into a breakable block. None Nutty
Small Tornadoes Fires three mini-twisters in a spread shot. Costs a lot of ammo.
  • Gun Shot
  • Triple Shot
Two-Way Shot Fires two orbs, one forward and one backward. None Minttles Happy Tree Friends Adventures 7: The Greatest Battle Ever
High Jump Jumps with twice the jumping height compared to normal jumps. None Flaky


  • Flaky's first special power is similar to Sonic's Spin Dash, even sharing the same name.
    • Strangely, her second power was similar to its purpose from the Icarus Armor Leg Parts (also known as Foot Parts I) from Mega Man X8.
  • Minttles' Two-Way Shot is similar to Tailgun from Gradius series, due to their purpose.
  • Nutty's Frozen Chocolate Wall has the properties similar to Ice-themed weapons (Notably Iceman's Ice Slasher) from Mega Man series.
    • Interestingly, it's also similar to Crystal Hunter (Crystal Snail's weapon) from Mega Man X2.
  • Izzy's Laser Gun is quite similar to Zero's Laser Shot (from Mega Man Zero 2), though you can shoot it without charging your weapon.