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Sniffles is one of the minor characters in HTFA series. He'll make his first appearance as a playable character in HTFA Deluxe.

Character BioEdit

A nerdy blue-gray anteater who is one of the more intelligent characters in the series. He is the second character without a heart nose and a pair of buckteeth. He usually likes doing and reading science and math problems. To reinforce the 'nerd' image that Sniffles exudes, he is seen dressed up as a Star Trek character (probably Spock, the Vulcan ears being the giveaway).

He has built things that are far more advanced than most of the other characters (ex. a rocket from a school bus and even a time machine). He also has a multitude of jobs, including a doctor and a pilot. In addition, he is sort of a mad scientist. He usually says "Ah ha!" for when he gets an idea for an invention.

Sniffles also has a craving for ants, which is one of his animal instincts. His mouth and nose are combined to make a trunk-like snout, with his lips at the tip. Sniffles's home appears to be a lab.


  • It is possible that Sniffles has a shirt since he is seen with a pocket protector.
  • He may have been based off of the aardvark from the Pink Panther show. Both are colored blue, usually fail to catch ants, and tend to get injured quite a lot. Unlike the aardvark, however, Sniffles is extremely intelligent.
  • Sniffles may also be based off of Arthur Read (the aardvark)
  • He appears to have a unique earshape.
  • Some people mistake him for an elephant because of his trunk-like snout. However, his ears and tail are not like an elephant's and his mouth is on the tip of his snout.
  • Sniffles is shown to have teeth, while real anteaters are toothless.
  • He will make his first appearance in HTFA Deluxe as a playable character in the mini games along with Flippy.