Minttles doing a little pose by cookiethemouse-d8yrzc6
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Minttles is one of the Happy Tree Friends fan characters. He'll make his first appearance as a playable character in HTFA 7.

Character BioEdit

Minttles is a HTF fan character made by CookietheMouse, a deviantART user. He's a pale light green squirrel with big gapped buckteeth like Toothy. He also has some thick hair on his head. He's known for his fresh, relaxing breath which smells like peppermints, hence his name.

He likes baseball, skateboarding, riding his unicycle, reading books, and video games. Minttles is patient, thoughtful, a bit shy, bashful, funny, playful, and is sympathetic due to his caring heart. Also, he's a bit curious, easygoing, and easily lovable; but in front of huge crowds, he can get really really nervous and can suffer from stage frights. Due to his kindness, Minttles has many friends like Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Nutty, Lumpy, Pop, Cub, Flaky, Mime, Disco Bear, Russell, Lammy, and even the thieves Lifty and Shifty.

His hobbies include reading books, playing video games, and going for walks. He also likes kindness, secret hidden areas, libraries, and science. He only dislikes bullies/bullying and teasing.


  • Minttles was originally called Minty. To avoid confusion with a London Mobile Buddies character Mintty, the creator changed his name to Minttles.
  • A fun fact in a fanmade Collect Them All section shows that he's very skilled at skateboarding.
  • Other fun facts provided by the creator includes his ability to read mimes, knows Japanese, never drove any vehicles, has an exceptional manner when inside a library, and would get on a roller coaster but has a fear of getting thrown off.
  • Minttles's tail is the same color as his fur in the fanmade Collect Them All section.
  • Unlike most tree friends, he has normal round pupils on his eyes rather than Pac-Man-shaped.
  • He is so far the only character to have big gapped buckteeth like Toothy.
  • He has a sister named Kinkles. She's also a squirrel and has the same eye pupils. Unlike him, she has normal buckteeth.
  • Since June 18, 2013, Minttles's creator has updated his appearance. Minttles now has some blonde highlights in his hair and his nose is no longer heart-shaped (replaced with a round-shaped one).
    • Despite this, in HTF Adventures 7, he still retains his older look.
    • His nose is made heart-shaped again on his 2015 design, though.
  • He has a high-pitched, Toothy-like voice in the beta versions of HTFA 7. It was changed to a lower-pitch one in the HTFA World demo.