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Lumpy is one of the minor characters in HTFA series.

Character bioEdit

He is a light blue moose with apparently very low intelligence, bad teeth (although they are clear white), distorted eyes and mismatched antlers (they always change directions). Known to be the big brother, or perhaps babysitter of many of the other characters. He usually means well but he's clumsy and extremely stupid. Furthermore, he screams like a girl. His catchphrase is "Ah Ha!" for when he gets an idea or finds the solution to a problem. He also says "Huh?" when he is confused and "Mmm-hmm!" when he is satisfied.


  • Lumpy may be based off Goofy from Mickey Mouse cartoons because both have similar personalities, voices and are the tallest of the group.
  • Most of the time, Lumpy's mismatched antlers change into different positions.
  • Lumpy wears an invisible T-shirt that blends in with his skin. When he takes it off, he can be seen with a tan line, his nipples, buttocks and genitals (even though they're censored), and if he accidentally flashes himself to anyone, he'll be really embarrassed.
  • Lumpy has a pet elephant.
  • Lumpy has a lot of costumes to wear when he's working, like the magician's cape and handcuffs which was a rental until he bought it, and he has a few wigs, even though it doesn't look like he's wearing anything.
  • Lumpy likes golfing.
  • Lumpy can't control cars or other vehicles very well.
  • He can sometimes be selfish and greedy when it comes to money.
  • Lumpy often shaves his face, even though he physically doesn't have a beard.
  • A rock on Mars was named after Lumpy.
  • Lumpy is one of the blue characters.
  • Lumpy is also the name of several other fictional characters.
  • Lumpy has been shown to enjoy eating food that is meat although real moose are herbivores.
  • Lumpy's first appearance in HTFA series is in the spinoff HTF Origins, where he, at first, was one of the kidnapped tree friends, but he later escaped. He can be found in a later level, appearing to be very exhausted.


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