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Lifty and Shifty are two of the minor characters as well as minor villains in HTFA series. Lifty was married to an unknown tree friend and Shifty was married to also-unknown tree friend.

Character BioEdit

Lifty & Shifty are two green kleptomaniac raccoon identical twin brothers with dark green mask-like markings around their eyes. They frequently steal merchandise from the other Happy Tree Friends (thus their names), as well as treasure hunting, ransacking houses or anything to get rich quick. They probably rob Lumpy so frequently because his lack of intelligence and common sense makes him an easy target. They obviously love to play "kick the autist".

Although they have the same gender, color, markings, bushy tails, and personality, Shifty wears a fedora and he bosses Lifty around and Lifty's voice is slightly higher pitched, to distinguish the two. It is known that Shifty is the older brother of the duo, since Lifty is a little shorter and has a higher pitched voice. Their green color implies money and greed relating to their criminal personalities. They also have a trademark evil snicker. Like most siblings, Lifty and Shifty argue about who's at fault when something goes wrong, but when trouble's afoot, they work together.

Despite their numerous illegal activities, they do mix with other characters and contribute to recreational activities (such as going on a rollercoaster and participating in a Christmas play) without causing any trouble. On rare occasions they earn cash honestly and have even been heroic.


  • Shifty is occasionally seen without his hat and looks like Lifty.
  • Lifty & Shifty have a van similar to that of the A-Team. Except that they are not as cool.
  • Lifty & Shifty have a hot-air balloon they use for escapes.
  • Lifty seems to be the mechanic of the duo. Shifty, on the other hand, drives their party van.
  • Lifty and Shifty say "Uh-oh!" when something goes wrong.
  • Although they are identical twins, Lifty's voice is slightly higher-pitched than Shifty's voice because the latter is older.
  • Their laugh is unique compared to other tree friends. Most other tree friends either giggle or just laugh.
  • Lifty and Shifty make their first appearance in HTFA 6 as minor villains, who support Bowser. They're also helping in kidnapping Princess Allay


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