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Ice Kingdom is one of the kingdoms that can be found in HTFA 5. It is the neighboring kingdom to Jungle Kingdom and Dream Kingdom.


Ice Kingdom is established on a snowy land. Mountains/Hills and trees in this kingdom are also covered in snow. Ice blocks litter the place, with some being used as a building material. To warm up the place, flame-emitting sources like pipes are utilized.

Aside from snow, the slippery icy terrains are also present in this kingdom, which can present some trouble to anyone who can't get used to skating on them. Said terrain was the result from frozen pools of water, though there are still occasional watering holes where one can fish for Cheep-Cheeps.

As mentioned before, buildings in this kingdom are made of ice blocks. This makes walking on or inside them really tricky due to the slippery ice. The main area of this kingdom features several waterfalls that mostly drop into deep pits. Because of this, ladders are used to bypass said waterfalls. Thankfully, the other bodies of water are safe to swim in.

The landmark of this kingdom is a huge icy pyramid which is slightly warmed up by the Fire Bars installed on it. Its only way of entry is located on one side near the top of the pyramid, which requires climbing up. Inside it, however, travelers have to be wary as the pyramid contains several hazards like spikes and deep pits. To reach the deepest part of the pyramid, one has to go down a vertical passage until he/she reaches the chamber where Buirun resides.

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