The gate to the Kingdom, as shown in HTFA 2.

Happy Tree Kingdom is the main home of all the Happy Tree Friends to live in harmony, with Allay as the princess of the Kingdom. It's always the easiest target for Bowser's attacks.



Pipes can be sighted often in this kingdom.

Happy Tree Kingdom has no exact details of the inside. But as shown in the overworld of HTFA 4 and 5, it appears as a big castle area inside a forest. The entrance is even shown in HTFA 2, with a "Welcome" text on it. This might indicate that the tree friends live in a forest area. In the HTFA 4 map, there's a long bridge that separates the Kingdom from the outside.

The kingdom is near the sea.

Despite that, the kingdom's region covers an extremely wide area, as if it's a country on its own. In fact, it has its own provinces and territories, all of them are based on Canada's actual provinces and territories (with the exception of Ottawia, which is based on a city).

There are ruins near the border of this kingdom.

As shown in the revealed fictional map by HTFMegaman, Happy Tree Kingdom is a neighboring country to Mushroom Kingdom, which is normally part of Mario's universe.

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  • It's unknown who is the king/queen in the Happy Tree Kingdom. The only one shown in the king's/queen's family is Allay.
  • Most of the time in the prologue cutscenes, the cutscenes mostly took place in a forest/grassland rather than the inside of the Kingdom. The forest might be part of the Kingdom.
  • Izzy is the only one to not live in this Kingdom.
  • It is a parody of Canada.
  • The following province's/territory's names are a parody of the actual ones:
    • Lunavut (Nunavut)
    • Yucorn (Yukon)
    • New Brunstick (New Brunswick)
    • Ottawia (Ottawa) (note that this is the only one to be based on a city instead of a province/territory)
    • Ontuigi (Ontario)
    • Prince Eddy Island (Prince Edward Island)
    • Nova Forestia (Nova Scotia)
    • Forest Columbia (British Columbia)
  • Northwest Territories, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta are the only provinces/territories in the "kingdom" to still retain their real name.


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