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Happy Tree Friends Adventures

Happy Tree Friends Origins is the first HTFA spin-off. It focuses on the two HTF fan characters, Lemy (created by Zolrac3005) and Allay (created by Cherry-Chowder).


Bowser has revived a dragon from the depths of a volcano and managed to kidnap almost all of the Happy Tree Kingdom's residents. The two chosen tree friends, Lemy and Allay, set off to stop that fiend from destroying Happy Tree Kingdom, with some support from Neena and Tacho.


The gameplay is similar to the original HTFA games, which is a 2D side-scrolling platform game. Like the usual HTFA series, you'll get to pick a character for the current level you're about to enter. But instead of the usual 6 characters, there are only 2, Lemy and Allay. As usual, a player can run, jump, and shoot enemies with orbs. However, you can also stomp on certain enemies to defeat them. You have to go through several bosses before you go for Bowser and his dragon.


Playable charactersEdit

Minor charactersEdit



  1. Happy Tree Kingdom (Level 0)
  2. Happy Green Land
  3. Cave of Fire
  4. Sunny Beach
  5. Desert of Koopa
  6. Ghost Cave
  7. Volcanic Jungle
  8. The Volcano
  9. Bowser's Final Empire



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  • Radoslaw Malinowski (director, main planner, graphic designer, sound designer, programmer, beta tester)
  • S. Wojtowicz (beta tester)
  • zolrac3005 (Lemy's creator)
  • Cherry-Chowder (now CrabbyNoobs; Allay's creator)


  • This is the first spin-off game of HTFA series.
  • This is also the first game to feature only HTF fan characters as playable characters.
  • This is the first game where Allay is playable. She appears in her normal form rather than princess form.
  • Players can interact with NPCs for the first time in this game.
  • This is the first HTFA game that utilizes the stomping method to kill enemies.
  • This is the first and only HTFA game to feature items that can change how your orbs are shot. It's also the first and only HTFA game to feature a temporary invincibility item.
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