This is the Rules page for Happy Tree Friends Adventures Wiki. Whether you just joined, or are a seasoned user, please read over and follow these rules.

According to FANDOM's Terms of Use, users are required to be either 13 years old or 16 years old (only applies to users in the European Economic Area, excluding the U.K.) at minimum to register a FANDOM account. If they are found out to be 12 and under, they will be banned until they turn 13.

General rules

  • Do not insult users.
  • Do not provide offensive/NSFW content.
  • No spamming.

Editing rules

  • All articles must be in English.
    • Please also use a spell checker to ensure you spell a word right.
  • Do not write in all lower or upper case, or omit periods and commas from sentences.
  • Do not remove sections from pages, unless it is spam.
  • Do not reference franchises not represented in this series at all. Only references clearly intended by Radel999 or references that make sense from the games' context (for example, a game mechanic inspired by/ripped off from another game) are allowed.
  • Pages created purely for trolling or as a form of vandalism will be deleted.

Image rules

  • When taking pictures, please use either the "PrtScn" button on your keyboard, or a video capturing device.
  • Make sure the image is clear, and not all blurry.

Chat rules

  • The general rules above also apply to chat.
  • In general, keep your language civil.
  • If you are a chat mod, do not abuse your power.
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