Happy Tree Friends Adventures Reborn
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2013 (demo)
TBA (full game)

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Happy Tree Friends Adventures Reborn

Happy Tree Friends Adventures Reborn is a HTFA fanmade game being made by SkipperThePenguin100. This game won't use the character selection feature, but will play only as Cuddles, due to the creator's decision.



After years of killing Bowser, Happy Tree Kingdom restored peace. Meanwhile, Cuddles and Toothy walk around in a park full of tree friends, until then, a dark shadow which was a giant hand smashes the building of the park, as well as Tom Royer, the founder of the park. Cuddles and Toothy go through Tom and they see a note saying "N3V3R F0RG3T.", which comes from Anonyhand. The hand finds Toothy and kidnaps him, as well as Cuddles's friends (Flaky, Petunia and Giggles), and it took them to that hand's castle. Suddenly then, the Happy Tree Kingdom fades away mysteriously, only to be left a Happy Tree HQ building, which is now closed forever. Cuddles then wants to bring justice to the hand which had done everything.


The game uses a remastered engine made by SkipperThePenguin100, with smooth scrolling and a different HUD, but you can only play as Cuddles. The HUD has a life gauge, a stage indicator, score and a number of small rubies you got. The objective is same like all HTFA games. Rubies can score points. You can pick up hearts for recovery and 2 green arrows for 5-health recovery. Unlike all other games, it has unlimited lives.

The save system is in password.

This game has lots of stages, which makes this game longer than others.


  1. The Park: The first level of the game. It is an abandoned park being invaded by the main villain's enemies and infested by B Bird, a crystal-colored giant bird with an blue B on his body and shoots crystal flames.



  • It is the first game to be not made by HTFMegaman.
  • Some characters never appeared in the original HTFA games.
  • This game looks similar to the old HTFA games, just it has been remastered.
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