Happy Tree Friends Adventures 5
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Dunami Co., Ltd.


Dunami Co., Ltd.



Release Date

Europe: January 25, 2011
US: January 26, 2011
Japan: TBA

Game Engine

Happy Engine Friends 3


Happy Tree Friends Adventures

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 5 is the fifth main installment of the HTFA series.


The plotline of this game is similar to the previous releases, defeating Bowser and rescuing Princess Allay in order to save HTF Kingdom. Now, the game sprites are different from the previous releases.

The game consists of 7 worlds, each having around 4-5 stages. The last stage in each world includes a major boss fight. Other levels have you fight against Birdo. As usual, passwords are used to access any world if you don't want to start over.

Comparison to the early releasesEdit

  • The tree friends are given different sprites. Because of this, Toothy has normal buckteeth like everyone else while Nutty's eyes are identical (unless he faces front).
  • The tree friends can now climb vines, ladders, etc.
  • The map has less detail unlike the previous releases. However, you travel in more than just the Happy Tree Kingdom world.
  • Now you can tell what to expect in a level by looking at the level's thumbnail.
  • Mercy invincibility is now properly programmed.
  • The credits shows the levels and the tree friends in a picture. Also, the "HTF is Not Dead" message appears as well, referencing the "HTF is Dead" issue.
  • Neena can now be controlled in the ski level (albeit only limited to jumping and being able to grab items).
  • The game is based on Kirby 64.


Playable charactersEdit

Other charactersEdit



In this game, the worlds are referred to as "kingdoms".

Happy Tree KingdomEdit

Your first starting area in this game. It's surrounded by forests. Ruins of a supposedly ancient temple exist in the middle of a forest, where the first boss, Intruder, lives.

Aqua KingdomEdit

A kingdom located at a beach, also covering some of the water region. Few levels require you to swim, and one level has you being escorted by Neena via water skiing. Deep underwater, the kingdom's ruler, a monstrous snake, lives there.

Desert KingdomEdit

Obviously, a kingdom located at a desert. The environment there is harsh, but the enemies have no trouble occupying it. Before you can progress to the next kingdom, you have to defeat a red dragon.

Jungle KingdomEdit

This kingdom is known for its vast jungle and fresh water, as well as for its dangerous cave. The Fire Dragon lives inside the cave.

Ice KingdomEdit

A kingdom located at a snowy region. The icy grounds there tend to be slippery, so Nutty is best used in this kingdom. Despite the icy theme, fiery hazards are thrown into the mix. Even the ruler of this kingdom, Buirun, attacks using flame.

Dream KingdomEdit

In other words, subcon. While most of the place is bright and cheery despite having a lot of hazards, the darker parts might be a little bit sinister, seeing that at that point, you're getting closer to this kingdom's ruler, Wart.

Bowser's KingdomEdit

Bowser's territory. The environment there is even harsher, with lava being the most dominant environmental hazard. To rescue Princess Allay, you have to fight Bowser in his castle.


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  • R. Malinowski (director, programmer, graphic designer, sound designer, beta tester, level designer)
  • S. Wojtowicz (beta tester)

Special thanks toEdit

  • Mondo Media
  • HAL Laboratory
  • Konami


  • After the credits, the message "HTF is not dead" can be seen. This is a reference to the HTF show's hiatus during the time this game was developed, and that year itself is when Mondo published a few HTF Break episodes that end with the message "Happy Tree Friends is dead!".
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