Fliqpy is a flipped out version of Flippy who first appeared in Happy Tree Friends Adventures 2 as a hidden boss. Every time this form is shown, he is always depicted as purely antagonistic towards the main heroes.


Happy Tree Friends Adventures 2Edit

Fliqpy first appeared as a boss that can only be fought if the player were to select the ninth stage, which is hidden within the secret level select. He stands on the rightmost platform and is accompanied by a Koopa Soldier. His only attack is shooting flame shots from his gun. When he is defeated, the player will be rewarded with 20 extra lives.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6Edit

In Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6, Fliqpy appears as a boss in the penultimate level in Bowser's fortress. Fliqpy fires projectiles with his gun as he follows the player around, though he can also fire missiles between a certain interval. Defeating him reverts him back to Flippy.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures RPG: The Fire PointEdit

Fliqpy appears as a boss in Happy Tree Friends Adventures RPG: The Fire Point. This form is shown after Flippy got triggered by Larry popping his balloon outside the Ice Cave when the heroes were trying to chase after Iggy.

List of appearances by dateEdit

This only lists the games where the Fliqpy form can be seen.

Title Year
Happy Tree Friends Adventures 2 2010
Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6 2011
Happy Tree Friends Adventures RPG: The Fire Point 2017

Profiles and statisticsEdit

Happy Tree Friends Adventures RPG: The Fire Point Enemy
Fliqpyrpgfp HP7680 MP200 Agility220 Luck10
Attack180 Magic Attack260 Location(s)Ice Cave Entrance ItemsBlood Orb
Defense160 Magic Defense220 WeakPhysical, Holy
Evasion Rate5% Magic Evasion Rate0% StrongDark, Earth, Sleep
G13000 EXP8640 Magic SkillsNone Special SkillsRam, Cry, Glare, Chew, Sneak Attack, Vicious Bite, Sinister Plot, Pursuing Attack






  • He has been nicknamed Evil Flippy or simply Evil in many fan pieces though never by the original creators.
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