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Flaky is one of the main characters in Happy Tree Friends Adventures series.

Character BioEdit

A red porcupine whose quills are full of white flakes like dandruff, thus the name. Flaky is one of the most popular characters in the series and has the identifiable personality of being a very cautious and timid character.

Flaky has often been viewed as a coward or very shy. She is often seen around Cuddles, Sniffles and Flippy. Additionally, when hanging around with Cuddles, Flaky is often forcefully dragged into situations that lead to one or both of their demises, despite her warning Cuddles about possible dangers that could occur.

Flaky is a very helpful character. All these factors suggest that Flaky is not only overly cautious (as opposed to being a coward), but also one of the more kind characters of the series.

Many debates have been raised as to the true gender of Flaky. Several fans assume that Flaky is male due to her lack of a distinguishing feminine appearance; female characters tend to have long eyelashes, whereas Flaky has none. Her/his gender has caused much confusion; even the Happy Tree Friends website is ambiguous to his/her true gender, but most of the creators refer to Flaky as a female. Flaky is seen trying to decide whether to enter the girls or the boy's bathroom, further playing on her gender confusion. On the official website, Flaky's gender was originally listed as "Female" but it is changed to "Unknown". Flaky was dubbed by a female. It was officially stated later that she's indeed a female via Mondo's tweet.

Flaky is known for being a high jumper, capable of going to high places more quickly than everyone else (except for certain characters). Her cautiousness can also help out her group. In some situations, she can help someone. However, being a cowardly character, she mostly runs away in fear.


  • Flaky likes corn dogs.
  • Flaky suffers motion sickness.
  • Flaky's quills are considered to be her long hair. This is logical, as the quills of real-life porcupines are a kind of hair. She sometimes ends up killing others with her quills.
  • Because Flaky is always scared of things, she likely has panophobia/pantophobia (fear of everything).
  • Flaky almost always laughs nervously.
  • In HTFA's first until the third main games, she's shown with ears like everyone else. However, the ears are removed starting from HTFA 4.
  • She's shown as a good jumper among other characters.
  • Flaky is refered to as a female in this game (this was back when Mondo didn't reveal her gender).


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