Extra Lives are items that increase the playable characters' life count. These aren't common, obviously, and they're sometimes found in hidden locations/alternate paths where they can appear in groups. Only HTFA 3 has a strict life count limit of 10, other games have unclear limit to how many lives a player can keep. Another alternative of getting extra lives is by picking up a certain amount of common collectibles (like gems), but only certain games can do this.

In games made by HTFMegaman, the "life" mechanic is always featured. If a HTFA game is made by someone else, depending on the creator's preference, he/she may or may not include that mechanic.

Main gamesEdit

Happy Tree Friends AdventuresEdit

In HTFA 1, the Extra Life item is in the form of a flashing colored heart with "1up" written on it to separate it from regular heart items, which restores health.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 2Edit

Extra lives can be gained from picking up lollipops with "1up" written on them. This item is more distinguishable from the health-restoring ones, seeing the latter is a wrapped candy.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 3Edit

The item is the same as in HTFA 2. However, these appear very rarely. But you can also gain extra lives by picking up 100 jewels. Then again, the latter method may or may not work, considering the game is still rather buggy.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 4Edit

The item is the same as in HTFA 2.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 5Edit

The item simply consists of the number 1 and the word "up".

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6Edit

The item is the same as in HTFA 5.


Happy Tree Friends OriginsEdit

In this game, the Extra Life item is symbolized by the playable characters' heads, alternating between each other.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures Game BoyEdit

Similar to HTFA 5 and 6, the Extra Life item simply consists of the number 1 and the word "up", forming "1up", only in Game Boy graphics.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures LandEdit

The item is the same as in HTFA 5. You can also earn extra lives by collecting 100 gems.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures MakerEdit

Similar to HTFA 2 and 3, the item is represented with a lollipop with 1UP written on it. The only visual difference is that the lollipop in this game is similar to the one used as Nutty's accessory. Also, the 1UP writing flashes between several colors.

By other peopleEdit

Happy Tree Friends Adventures RebornEdit

There are no extra lives in any form in this game, as the player character has infinite lives.

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