Dream Kingdom's thumbnail in HTFA 5.

Dream Kingdom is one of the kingdoms that can be found in HTFA 5. It is the neighboring kingdom to Ice Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom.


Dream Kingdom is basically Subcon materialized into a real kingdom instead of taking place in an actual dream. Despite this, it still retains the "surreal" and "dreamy" concepts. Bizarre-looking sky can be seen, the environment tends to have abnormal colors, random balconies can be seen floating on air, pillars are built on clouds, and many other strange things can be spotted in this kingdom.

The main part of the kingdom consists of a forest with a wooden fortress that must be climbed up to reach the deeper part of the kingdom.

At night, the bizarre-looking sky can be properly seen, which is shown as a dark sky filled with colorful stars.

Wart is the ruler of this kingdom. Being Bowser's ally, his territory is guarded by the Koopa Troop, Bill Blasters, and Fire Bars. It should also be consideered that Wart's territory is rather dangerous due to the abundance of bottomless pits.

Levels taking place in Dream KingdomEdit

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