Desert Kingdom's thumbnail in HTFA 5.

Desert Kingdom is one of the kingdoms that can be found in HTFA 5. It is the neighboring kingdom to Aqua Kingdom and Jungle Kingdom.


Desert Kingdom is obviously a kingdom established on a desert. It is notorious for its quicksands that can kill anyone that sinks in there. Bridges and vines are a necessity to avoid the quicksands. On the other hand, it is well-known for its numerous pyramids. One of them, being its notable landmark, is the biggest pyramid in the kingdom. Said pyramid is so tall, that it'll take a long time climb up, even with the help of vines to assist climbing. It is the main source of water in this kingdom, considering that the kingdom almost lacks water outside of it.

Desert Kingdom in general is rather dangerous, not just because of quicksands, but also because of its numerous deep pits that can kill anyone who falls in.

The ruler of this kingdom is The Red Dragon.

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