Continue prompt in HTFA 2.

In certain HTFA games, getting a game over doesn't end up with the player being booted to the title screen. Instead, they're given additional chances to continue. Depending on the game, continues are either limited or unlimited.

In main gamesEdit

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 2Edit

Continues are limited to 4. Once all continues run out, the player will be immediately booted back to the title screen after the game over screen.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 5Edit

Continues are unlimited, but the continue screen has a 10-second countdown, causing the player to make a quick decision between either continuing from the last kingdom the player ended up in (starting from the first level of a kingdom again, also with the default number of starting lives) or ending the current run's progress and starting from the very beginning.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures 6Edit

Continues are unlimited, much like in HTFA 5. However, the player has more ways of continuing, depending on how far the player has gone through. If the player got a game over during the early (non-fortress) part of the game, he/she can either replay the level again with the same character, re-select a character and level, or reload the last save. If the player got a game over in any of the fortress levels, the player can only either replay the level again or reload the last save since there's no stage selection menu in both fortresses.

In spin-offsEdit

Happy Tree Friends OriginsEdit

Continues are limited to 3 in this game.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures Game BoyEdit

Much like HTFA 5, continues are unlimited.

Happy Tree Friends Adventures LandEdit

Same as HTFA GB.



  • While HTFA Maker reuses the game over screen from HTFA Land (minus Bowser), there's no continue prompt since the player can simply reload a level's file to try again.