Brandy's level.

Brandy Level is one of the levels in HTFA 6. The level takes place in a rocky area during sunset.


Brandy's level is generally a level in a rocky area during sunset. A lot of enemies can be encountered, including the Sasoreenu. Several moving platforms and deep pits can be seen, but the pits aren't as many as the Spiked Pirate level. Brandy is the boss of this level, and defeating him will make him playable.


  • There a lot of enemies in this level, so you have to be careful.
  • Brandy's tornadoes quickly homes in to the player's position once summoned. Make sure you are swift enough to avoid them.


  • The same sunset background will be used in the HTFA 6's credits roll.
  • Some players considered Brandy as the easiest boss to beat. Brandy indeed isn't as tricky as the other bosses in the beginning levels.
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