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Brandy is one of the appearing characters in HTFA series. He only made an appearance in HTFA 6. His creator is 090shinsuke090 from deviantArt, who quitted the HTF fandom. This makes the only reason that he only made one appearance.

Character bioEdit

Brandy is a blue arctic fox and is often shown wearing a red bandana around his neck. He used to flip out like Flippy, but no longer anymore. He's also somehow cool and funny, yet mischievous to some of his friends. However, his creator quitted the HTF fandom and Brandy is no longer a HTF fan character.

In HTFA 6, he made only one appearance. He's both a main character as well being playable. In the beginning, he and Princess Allay were attacked by Bowser, Lifty, and Shifty on their relaxing walk, with Brandy himself got kidnapped and turned into Bowser's minion. You then find him in a room in the second level. After you defeat him there, he becomes playable.


  • Brandy is one of the blue characters.
  • His voice is somehow unique as it doesn't sound squeaky, unlike many other HTF characters.
  • In HTFA 6, he mostly fires mini tornadoes during boss battle, and this attack becomes his special ability in Fortress levels. However, the shot range is different, and the tornadoes don't lock on their targets.
  • As shown on Izzy's analyzer machine, he's 15 years old, which makes him the oldest playable main character in HTFA 6. That's also a reason why his voice isn't squeaky.
  • He's the only playable character in HTFA 6 whose special ability is a "spread shot"-type attack (the tornadoes are shot into 3 ways).
  • In the beta version of HTFA 6, he shoots fireballs instead of tornadoes during his boss battle.
  • His only appearance is in HTFA 6. However, he made a cameo as a statue on a tombstone in a short playthrough of HTFA Legends given out by radel999. It might reference his quitting creator, but Brandy's death cause in HTFA remains unknown.


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